Chichen Itza is a new wonder of the modern world, located 2 hours from Cancun. But have you ever asked, why Chichen Itza it´s so famous around the world?

Here we have 8 things you should have to know about this amazing archaeological site.

  1. The name Chichen Itza means “The mouth of the Itzaes well”. This name refer to a sacred cenote. The mayan people consider the cenotes like the entrance to the underworld.
  1. The castle o Kukulkan Pyramid is a mayan calendar, made with stone. The structure of the pyramid represents with math symbolisms the solar agricultural calendar.
  1.  If you added all steps of the 4 faces by the kukulkan pyramid the result going to be 365 steps. Once per each day of the year!

Plus+ “This pyramid was built with an amazing mathematical precision. That is one of the reasons why is consider a wonder of the world”

  1. Twice a year (march 21th & September 21th) the feathered snake god comes down the steps of the pyramid. This amazing show is a lights and shadows effect where you can see how the snake is landing on the steps of the pyramid.
  1. Quetzal sound

Stand up at one side of the Kukulkan pyramid and clap your hands, you will hear the echo at the other side. The sound is too similar to the quetzal sound, just a fascinating electroacustical effect.

  1. The chichen Itza observatory is known also as “the snail” because the resembles a snail. In this building you can watch the equinox when venus get in line with the sun. In the walls of this building you can see hand marks, a lot of people think that these hands are from mayan people who built the pyramids.
  1. The main pyramid hides something inside.

Into the kukulkan pyramid we found a jaguar and a chacmol (mayan figures). Both were decorated with Jade stones.

For maintance & keeping reasons these pieces are sheltered.

  1. Nobody know why the mayan people leaft the city. There are a lot of theories about it, but, nowadays it is still a mystery.

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